Oregon Paving Awards

Categories and definitions

  • Commercial/Residential: Major commercial or residential parking lots, driveways, entry roads, log sort yards, etc.
  • Emulsified Asphalt Concrete (EAC): Forest, Rural or Highway
  • Highway Paving: 2 or more lane highway overlay, inlay or new construction, or a combination.
  • Highway Smoothness: 2 or more lane highway with smoothness measured with the ODOT profilograph
  • Rural Road: 2 ore more lane, non-highway, road with shoulders, no substantial curb and gutter. Either new or overlay
  • Special Application with Outstanding Results: This could be a pond liner, airport runway or taxiway, a bike path, a pig pen or other. This is an optional award for a truly great project. (No minimum number of nominees).
  • Urban Arterial: 4 or more driving lanes on a 2 way street or 2 lanes plus turn lanes or more on one way streets. These must include a substantial amount of curb and gutter, manholes or catch basins and at least two intersections.
  • Urban Street: 2 lane residential or business streets with curb and gutter. There should also be catch basins, manholes, or valve boxes. Two inter-sections should be included in the job.
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