Asphalt training and certification

The APAO offers education and certification programs in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Technology on a regular basis throughout the year. Programs change from time to time to reflect advances in technology. There are three core education courses (workshops) and six certifications offered each year at various times.

Technician certification information

For a direct link to the Oregon Department of Transportation Technician Certification Database which lists all current Technicians and what certifications they hold, click here.


Each individual must complete the attached registration form. Class sizes are limited and registration will be on a first come first serve basis. Every attempt is made to keep the Registration form current noting which classes are full. However, if we receive a form and the class is full we will contact you with options. Students will receive written confirmation and class materials prior to the class. If you have questions please contact the APAO at (503) 363-3858.

Fees, cancellations and refunds

Fees may be paid with a check or credit card. Invoicing is available for members only.

Registration fees may be transferred to alternate individuals within the same firm, or to the next scheduled class. APAO must be notified prior to making changes. A transfer form prior to the beginning of the scheduled class is necessary.

Students may cancel by submitting the notification of cancellation form at least 5 business days prior to the beginning of class AND by returning the class materials. Students wishing to cancel a class will receive a refund payable to the company of their employment. If a credit card was used for payment, you need to call us to reverse the charge. Checks will be issued a the end of the month following the return of the course materials. Please note: there is a $50.00 processing fee for all cancellations. This fee does not apply to transfer students.

Certification courses

Certified Asphalt Technician I (CAT-I)

QC/QA specifications require a CAT-I at each plant during asphalt mix production. This is not a class for inexperienced technicians. Candidates should be familiar with basic quality control practices.

"A CAT-I performs sampling and testing for HMAC and EAC mixtures including AC content, maximum specific gravity, sieve analysis, void measurements using a currently approved compaction device, and other tests and duties as required by current specifications for HMAC."

Prerequisite: None (CAgT skills in sampling, reducing, and washed gradation analysis of aggregates are recommended)

Certified Asphalt Technician II (CAT II)

QC/QA specifications require a CAT-II be available to each plant to evaluate mix design verification test results and to recommend necessary field adjustments to bring asphalt mixtures in compliance with specified volumetric requirements.

"A CAT-II is responsible for managing the volumetric properties of asphalt mixes by controlling plant operations, for troubleshooting HMAC sampling and testing processes, and for making appropriate adjustments to HMAC production and lay down procedures."

Prerequisite: CAT-I

Certified Mix Design Technician (CMDT)

Current specifications require the Contractor to produce the asphalt mix design for some categories of mix. These mix designs must be prepared and signed by a CMDT. This is not a class for inexperienced technicians. Candidates should be familiar with basic asphalt laboratory procedures including processing aggregates, compacting and measuring volumetric properties of asphalt mixtures, and testing asphalt mixes for moisture damage.

"A CMDT is responsible for preparing HMAC Mix Designs, including all material testing and data analysis necessary to properly complete a design. A CMDT prepares designs for both dense and open graded HMAC mixtures."

Prerequisite: None (CAgT & CAT-I strongly recommended)

Certified Aggregate Technician (CAgT)

QC/QA specifications require a CAgT to conduct quality control testing during the production of aggregate materials used in HMAC, EAC, PCC, base and shoulder aggregate, chip seals, oil mats and other highway applications.

"A CAgT performs a variety of tests on soils and aggregates including sieve analysis, fracture, sand equivalency and other tests and performs other duties as required by current specifications for soils and aggregate materials."

Prerequisite: None (Basic math skills and prior lab experience recommended)

Certified Embankment Technician (CEBT)

QC/QA specifications require a CEBT to conduct tests to determine the maximum density of different types of soils, soil/aggregate mixtures, and base aggregates for establishing construction density targets.

"The CEBT performs testing of soils and aggregates for establishing maximum density and optimum moisture for compaction of sub grade soil and aggregate bases."

Prerequisite: None (Basic math skills and prior lab experience recommended)

Certified Density Technician (CDT)

QC/QA specifications require a CDT to conduct density testing on soils, aggregates and HMAC layers using a nuclear moisture/density gauge.

"A CDT performs in-place density testing of soils, aggregates, and asphalt mixtures using the nuclear density gauge. In addition to certification, a CDT must possess a current Radiation Safety Card issued by an approved source."

Prerequisites: Radiation Safety Card and Film Badge are required


Greenhorn classes

These classes have been well received and give newer students a greater opportunity to succeed. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the additional time and smaller class sizes.


Greenhorn Classes (CAgT, CEBT & CDT* , CAT II **)

Greenhorn classes are longer than the regular classes to allow newer students additional time to practice and prepare for certification examinations. Students with little or no lab experience, with little or no exposure to ODOT contract documents, and/or those students who need to brush up on their math skills should strongly consider taking the greenhorn classes.

Prerequisites: None (Basic math skills are recommended)
*CDT requires Radiation Safety Card and Film Badge
**CAT II requires CAT I certification. Provide Technician Card Number on registration.

Combined classes

These combined classes are intended for seasoned technicians with strong laboratory skills and a good grasp on ODOT contract administration procedures.

Combined CEBT & CDT* Class

Because of the redundancy in these two certifications, this class is offered as a way to obtain both certifications in the same week with one less day of total training time. This class is fast paced, has limited lab time and is intended for experienced technicians.

Prerequisites: Prior certification in one or both areas is required. Provide Technician Card Number on registration. Requires Radiation Safety Card and Film Badge.


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