Centerline newsletter

Winter 2021

  • Some GOOD news from 2020
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of environmental product declarations

Spring 2018

  • Resiliency and sustainability—some of asphalt's greatest (but lesser-known) benefits
  • APAO and Baker Rock Resources promote careers in transportation infrastructure with scholarships to Oregon students
  • Transportation infrastructure requires additional funding to maintain roads and bridges to current conditions

Spring 2015

  • Asphalt yields benefits beyond quick construction time
  • Hickey assumes APAO executive director role
  • High-albedo pavements bring unintended consequences to urban heat island effect
  • City of Eugene leads the way in RAP

Summer 2012

  • RAP is Key to Reducing the Cost of Pavement Construction
  • ODOT OKs Warm Mix for All Jobs
  • FHWA Calls for Accelerated Deployment of Warm Mix
  • 42nd Annual Paving Awards
  • Flood Proves No Match for Permeable Pavement

Fall 2011

  • For All the Right Reasons, Asphalt is the Green Pavement of Choice
  • Contractor Proposes Thin-Lift Overlay for Busy Corvallis Street
  • Porous Pavements Evolve Beyond Parking Lot Applications with "Two Layer" System
  • ODOT Plans Thin-Lift Overlay Test on I-5

Spring 2011

  • Benefits of Warm Mix Asphalt Catching On
  • Get the Keys to Stronger, Longer-lasting Intersections
  • Annual Conference Highlights Timely Topics
  • Thin-Mix Overlays Getting It Done in Polk County

Summer 2010

  • Smooth Pavement Savings Have Same Effect as Taking 10 Million Cars off the Road
  • Asphalt Pavement Alliance Launches New Website
  • Conference Focuses on Sustainability
  • Thin-Mix Overlays: Faster and More Economical

Winter 2009

  • Warm Mix Asphalt is Wave of the Future
  • APAO Establishes Foundation for Education
  • Surface Proves Key to Bond Strength
  • Life and Times of Aluminum and Asphalt

Summer 2008

  • Asphalt Good Partner for Green Building
  • NAPA Launches Warm-Mix Site
  • HMA Good Steward for Sustainability
  • Roads Harness Solar Energy as Renewable Heating Fuel

Fall 2007

  • RAP to Prove Mettle on Busy Transit Mall
  • New Online Resource Promotes Sharing, Learning, Collaboration
  • Forget Yellow Brick Roads Think Green Asphalt Streets

Spring 2007

  • Eugene Discovers More Miles in Its Roads
  • NCAT Reports Available
  • Previous Asphalt Under Study
  • ODOT Sets New Gyration Levels for Hot Mix

Fall 2006

  • The Argument for Asphalt: Still "Best Buy"
  • Annual Certification Training Underway
  • RAP Reduces Liquid Asphalt Dependency

Summer 2006

  • Keys to Achieving Optimum Density
  • Interstate Turns 50
  • 2006 APAO Conference Among Best Attended

Spring 2006

  • Asphalt Contributes to Sustainable Solutions
  • Annual Conference Set
  • Annual Meeting Highlights Accomplishments, Previews Challenges

Summer 2005

  • Perpetual Pavement Concept Renders 20 Year Standard Obsolete
  • Site Promotes Careers in Asphalt
  • APAO Presents Excellence in Paving awards

Spring 2005

  • Perpetual Pavement Concept Could Prove Economical for Low Volume Roads
  • New Site Promotes Quiet Pavement
  • Annual Meeting Provides Industry Insight, Recognizes Current and Future Leaders

Fall 2004

  • What's Best for the tax payer?
  • Oregon Asphalt Conference slated for March
  • Upcoming Training and Certification Opportunities at APAO
  • Tack Coats 101 - What, Why, When & How?

Summer 2004

  • Decisions, Decisions... The Pavement Type Selection Process Can Help You Make Them
  • OSU Research to Facilitate Application of New Procedures
  • Asphalt "Volcanoes" Discovered in Gulf of Mexico
  • Annual Paving Awards Presented
  • This is Not Your Grandfather's Asphalt

Spring 2004

  • NCAT Study Suggests Ratios for Durable, Impermeable Pavements
  • "America on the Move" Opens at Smithsonian Institute
  • APAO's 2003 Annual Meeting Brings Awards, Scholarships and New Board of Directors
  • OIT Enhances Learning Experience with Help from Industry

Fall 2003

  • Perpetual Pavements - for the Long Haul
  • Video Gaming Hits the Road
  • Warm Mix Asphalt Shows Promise for Cost Reduction, Environmental Benefit
  • APAO Provides Industry Training, Certification

Summer 2003

  • Preliminary Test Track Results from NCAT
  • Provides Fun Education of Asphalt
  • ORITE Conference Slated
  • Smithsonian Institute Highlights Transportation with Major Exhibit
  • Unique Application Wins APAO Award
  • Porous Asphalt Provides Environmental Benefits
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