Oregon Paving Awards

The nomination process

The work that can be nominated is for the preceding year September-September, (September 2020-September 2021). An announcement will be emailed to all contractors and agencies in August to announce that nominations are open. Click here to find the 2021 Paving Award Nomination Form, then click download, fill it out, and email the form to lramos@apao.org. For any questions, call Libbie Ramos at 503-363-3858.

Who can submit a nomination

Nominations may be made by owner/agency personnel and/or by contractors.

Why participate?

Recognition is often the number one reward people seek in their jobs, and the Excellence in Paving Awards recognize crews and all their hard work. Receiving an award also motivates crews and keeps people enthused about their work. Entrants also receive feedback on completed jobs—valuable information that can be used to continuously improve projects, and make winning easier the next time! Finally, winning an Excellence in Paving Award shows commitment to quality. When winners display their awards, employees, customers, vendors, and even competitors realize just how important it is to always do an “excellent” job!

Timeline of a nomination

  • Projects are nominated by contractors or owner/agency representatives
  • Projects are evaluated by rating teams in October and November
  • Three places are awarded in eight different categories
  • Winners are announced and presented awards at the Excellence in Paving banquet at the Annual Paving Conference held in the early spring in Eugene

Tips for having an award winning project

Each category is unique. The rating team looks for the following when grading projects:

  • Attention to detail—even seemingly minor flaws sometimes make the difference between placing and not.
  • High-quality workmanship—criteria include:
    • Uniform texture—make sure there is no segregation
    • Smooth tight joints—both longitudinal and transverse
    • Smooth tight matches—on all intersections, curbs, and/or appurtenances
  • Ride! Smoothness is crucial for place in the competition
  • Overall appearance—layout and design will have an impact
  • Degree of difficulty—some jobs are tougher than others to build, and this is taken into consideration

All nominations are considered, so when in doubt, NOMINATE! You can’t win if you don’t enter!

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